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Lezzgo – innovative mobile ticketing

One simple swipe to the best price while on-board: the next-gen ticket app offers passengers a completely new public transport experience.


Simply get on the train or tram without buying a ticket first: it’s what every passenger dreams of. lezzgo – the BLS ticket app – makes this a reality. With just a simple swipe, the passenger receives a valid ticket and the best price is automatically calculated at the end of the journey.

The goal of the innovation project was to create a “post-paid” ticket system in public transport. The idea was for it to work according to the principle of “check-in/check-out (CICO)”. Lezzgo consists of mobile apps for android and iOS, a back end and a web solution for administration via customer service.


As a technology partner of BLS, Puzzle was heavily involved in the innovation project from the outset. Our experience design studio We are Cube supported BLS and their partners in designing the app, created the user interface of the app and tested it with users. Puzzle was also involved in implementing the back end, including a web solution for the administration. Our partner approppo, who specialises in mobile development, developed the first version of the mobile app.

Trying to reliably detect and map a journey using various sensor data from the smartphone represented one of the biggest challenges in the project. The main part of the logic is located in the back end: smartphone data is sent to the back end where it is consolidated and mapped to a plausible journey based on a valid timetable. Potentially disruptive movements, e.g. changing trains, using footpaths, or even inaccurate or incorrect geo-data, have to be identified and filtered out.


BLS AG was founded in 2006 and connects people, regions and places. As one of the largest transport companies in Switzerland, it operates an extensive network in regional passenger rail.
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