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BLS – overview with the construction site tool

Construction site organisation made easy: using the web app developed by Puzzle, BLS is now able to manage and maintain its numerous sites in one central database.


The rail network of BLS spans 420 kilometres, runs through 57 tunnels and crosses over 726 bridges. To ensure operation, this infrastructure has to be expanded and updated on an ongoing basis. Planning and organising the numerous sites takes time and requires a lot of coordination effort, work which was previously done in manual steps and using Excel tables at BLS. Comparing back and forth between the various sites was always a mammoth task.


In order to simplify site management and centralise data storage, Puzzle has developed the construction site tool for BLS. Sites can be entered, managed and maintained by different departments in the web app. Thanks to a central database, the tedious task of comparing and adjusting numerous separate tables is eliminated. Data quality also improves with the verification of entered values.

Calendar view as an open-source component

Puzzle has developed a separate front-end component in order to display the sites on a time axis, similar to a Gantt chart. The user can see straight away from the annual calendar which sites are active at the same time.

With the consent of BLS, Puzzle now provides this calendar view as an open-source component. The Angular Library is available on GitHub and as an NPM package.


BLS AG was founded in 2006 and connects people, regions and places. As one of the largest transport companies in Switzerland, it operates an extensive network in regional passenger rail.
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