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SBB – saving energy thanks to adaptive control

Smooth and resource-friendly travelling thanks to ADL: Puzzle supports SBB in the efficient operation of its rail network.


Around 95 per cent of unscheduled stops can be avoided with a predictive system and active communication. The “Adaptive Control” project (ADL) – also known as the “green wave” – uses exactly this approach: ADL saves energy, preserves rolling stock and keeps the schedule running smoothly.


ADL provides driving and route recommendations to locomotive staff. This prevents unscheduled stops before stop signals and the energy-intensive restarts that follow. By reducing the number of unscheduled stops, energy is saved and the trains run much more smoothly and economically. This ensures greater comfort for customers along with a more balanced driving style for the locomotive crew – both combined means greater safety in rail traffic. As ADL helps keep trains on the move, the rail network can be used more efficiently and reliably.


Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) was founded in 1902 and is the national rail company. With 33,500 employees, SBB AG is one of Switzerland’s largest employers. Its public services include passenger transport and rail infrastructure.
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