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Our services

We understand technology and mobility

Whether it be design, user experience, solution architecture, agile software development or infrastructure: we have been offering the entire range of IT services for over 15 years. In doing so, we combine an array of IT expertise with specialist knowledge of the mobility industry.

Planning and scheduling

We develop and maintain solutions for planning and scheduling – to ensure that services can run smoothly in a way that is gentle on resources and energy-efficient.

Driver information

All relevant information and resources in one application: Our mobile and intuitively operable solutions support driving staff in their daily tasks at the wheel and in the driver’s cab.

Customer information

We provide the passenger with all relevant information from planning and real-time data. With additional expertise in fleet management and ICT in vehicles, we offer consistent support both professionally and technologically.


Ticketing and sales

We support mobility companies in the marketing of their services, from implementing ticketing systems and data sharing among public transport companies right through to tapping new and innovative sales channels.

Our customers

These mobility service providers count on us.

Your point of contact

Want to help us shape the future of mobility? I look forward to hearing from you.

Joel Baldinger
Co-Lead Mobility